YMCA of Gloucester County
YMCA of Gloucester County
YMCA of Gloucester County

NJ Alliance Program
New Jersey YMCA Reciprocity Guidelines

As of June 1, 2011, all facility YMCA's in New Jersey have agreed to embark on a twelve month courtesy facility reciprocity agreement. We are committed to work together to ensure that all New Jersey YMCA members are welcome guests at our YMCA branches.
Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all YMCA members and ensure a positive experience for both the visiting member and the YMCA of Gloucester County. This Reciprocal Membership Program is valid for YMCA Facility members only, not Program or Promotional members. (Promotional members are defined by limited time or limited visit memberships such as summer or holiday memberships, etc.).

The program is intended for the use of our facilities: swimming pool, gymnasium, Mens / Womens locker rooms. The YMCA of Gloucester County reserves the right to restrict facility / program access if capacity is a concern (e.g. fitness classes, lap swim, etc.).

Class enrollment (except for fitness classes) is not a part of this program at this time.

Check-in Process
  1. Visiting members must present a valid Home YMCA membership card and photo identification upon their first visit to the YMCA of Gloucester County.
  2. Visiting members must complete all documents upon first visit as determined by YMCA of Gloucester County including but not limited to:
    1. Facility Membership application, Health History Information, NJ YMCA Reciprocity Agreement, Parents Statement of Understanding form (if child is under 18 years of age).
  3. The YMCA of Gloucester County must verify membership status of each new visitor with the Home YMCA.
  4. Visiting members are allowed up to 5 visits per month, a total of 60 per year; one visit per day; no guests allowed with visiting members.
List of Reciprocal Membership YMCA's
  • YMCA of Greater Bergen County
  • YMCA of Burlington & Camden Counties
  • The Community YMCA
  • Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA
  • YMCA of Eastern Union County
  • YMCA of Fanwood-Scotch Plains
  • YMCA of Garfield
  • Gloucester County YMCA
  • Hamilton Area YMCA
  • Hunterdon County YMCA
  • Lakeland Hills Family YMCA
  • YMCA of Madison
  • YMCA of Metuchen
  • YMCA of Montclair
  • Morris Center YMCA
  • YM/WCA Newark & Vicinity
  • Ocean County YMCA
  • Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges
  • YMCA of Patterson
  • Plainfield Area YMCA
  • Princeton Family YMCA
  • Raritan Bay Area YMCA
  • Raritan Valley YMCA
  • YMCA of Ridgewood
  • Salem County YMCA
  • Somerset Hills YMCA
  • Somerset Valley YMCA
  • South Brunswick Family YMCA
  • YMCA of Summit
  • Trenton Area Family YMCA
  • West Morris Area YMCA
  • YMCA of Western Monmouth County
  • YMCA of Westfield
  • Wyckoff Family YMCA

AWAY Program

Always Welcome At YMCA's is a national program that has the philosophy that when a member joins a YMCA, you become a member of a nationwide association of people that helps build strong kids, strong families, strong communities therefore, when away from home for a business trip or vacation, you will be warmly welcomed by all other participating YMCAs in the United States. Participation in this program is voluntary. Some restrictions apply. Stop at the Member Service Desk and we can give you verification that your membership is current.


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