YMCA of Gloucester County
YMCA of Gloucester County
YMCA of Gloucester County
Classes begin January 2, 2017
Fitness Orientation
Interested in finding out how the equipment in the fitness center works? Complimentary to all Full Memberships - receive a free fitness center orientation. Contact Liz in the Welcome Center to sign up today.

Personal Training
Whether you want to lose weight, regain flexibility, develop speed or simply feel good again, personal training is an activity that will continue to reap benefits in years to come. Our personal trainers are certified trainers that are dedicated to empowering you with the motivation and knowledge you need to get and stay fit for life.

The benefits of personal training include:
 - Reducing stress, anxiety and enhancing immunity
- Improving coordination
- Increasing energy, stamina, endurance and sports performance
- Weight loss

PRICE: Full Member: $50 for 1 hour

Interested in Personal Training? 

Fitness Classes
Body Boot Camp | 7:00 pm
An interval workout you will enjoy! A combination of cardio, heart-pumping conditioning drills along with metabolism-boosting resistance training exercises mixed in!

Pilates | 6:00 pm
The Pilates method is a full body exercise system that emphasizes body alignment, correct breathing and core strength. By developing proper technique, you can actually retrain your body to move in safer and more efficient patterns of motion. 
Cardio Fusion| 6:15 pm
Full body workout offering a variety of cardio styles which vary by branch.  May include kickboxing, step, aerobic dance, and military drills.  Also incorporates strength training using weights and resistance moves.

Tai Chi | 6:00 pm
Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise consisting of slow, beautiful, relaxed movements that develop a sense of balance and harmony between mind and body. Say goodbye to sweating, puffing and panting and say hello to feel cool, calm, refreshed and energized.

Zumba Toning  7 pm 
Enjoy the work out of Zumba with the toning of light weight use.

Cardio Kickboxing | 10:45 am (Returning in Spring)
This medium-high impact program combines aerobics and kickboxing techniques to deliver a full body heart pumping workout.

Abs, Legs & Glutes | 11:45 am (Returning in Spring)
Strong abs, glutes and legs are key to overall strength. Developed abs, proportioned glutes, and strong legs contribute to better athletic performance and overall endurance.

Daily Rates
Full Member | Included in Membership
Basic Member | $10 per class Beginning January 2, 2017
Non Member| $15 per class (1 drop in per class only)
Beginning January 2, 2017


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